Experiences are what’s defining ourselves. Thanks to travelling, we tend to see different things by exploring new areas and meeting locals and new people. Sometimes, we need to get out of our comfort zone and just leave the city and go elsewhere to get refresh and ease our minds. It very important to take a simple break of our daily lives and just relax and chill.


It was the first time for me to visit Italy with my bffs, especially Venezia. It’s such a nice and warm welcoming city. We stayed like 5 days in this peaceful and very romantic place but it was so  damn refreshing.

I did notice one thing : My lazier self realize that when you’re in Venezia you either ride by boat transports or by your feet because there is (practically) no cars in this town and let me tell you that it felt so good! I loved walking down the streets not knowing where i was going because i was simply discovering the city like that.

It was so good to get around some of the City’s closest islands as Lido and we we’re staying at Murano, a very beautiful, nice and quiet island not far from the center. I have to say that Lido reminds me a lot of The New Orleans although it seems to be a very wealthy place with lots of beautiful Villa’s and a nice beach but it seems to be an historical place still.

I have to says that i fell in love with this city. the architecture with their colorful houses, the boat transports while having our best views, the gondola and their romantic feels, the food… everything from this place is peaceful.



With love, Gracie.

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